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What Could You Accomplish...

If I Drove A Minimum of 30 Fresh Qualified Customers To Your Business Each And Every Month On Autopilot?

Make Sure You Turn The Sound On, This Is Important.

Ready To Dominate Your Competition In 2020?

We Can Help!

We typically only take on 3 new clients per month, we do this so that I can give you my Undivided Attention as we Custom Build out your ENTIRE lead generation system, finding the PERFECT balance of brand quality and EFFECTIVENESS!

Guaranteeing you a MINIMUM of 30 Customer Signups per month!!

I WANT MORE CUSTOMERS NOW!**Im Ready To Invest In My Business**

BRAND NEW! The Commercial Sales Accelerator!

We typically Only Take On 3 New Clients a Month, AND give them service area exclusivity!  Time Is Running Out!

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...Before Going Any Further...

Every Exterminator/Pest Control Company that i have come across on Facebook is using it wrong! Posts not engaging, no calls to action, and worst of all, BOOSTING POSTS instead of targeting their best customers!! Consequently excluding themselves from their intended result: MORE CUSTOMERS!!!!

Does this sound familiar? Its totally fine, you chose a career in Pest Control, not marketing, and there are so many "gurus" on Facebook and YouTube that are giving BAD information on how to market your business!

It's 2019, passing out flyers and trusting Homeadvisor to get you decent leads just aren't viable anymore!  You can no longer trust Facebook to get you quality leads by "boosting" a post! And don't get me started on Groupon...

Any of that strike a nerve? Then I trust you are ready to step away from archaic marketing tactics that just don't work anymore!

If you are ready to Focus on your business and let a proven system handle your marketing, or if you are ready to fire your "curious student" that offered to run your Facebook ads for free or really cheap cause they wanted to test out what they were learning

and if you are ready to free up more time to spend with your friends and family....

then "Come with me, if you want your business to live"


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THE SYSTEM ....Target - Report - Aquire - Convert

Facebook Marketing Can Be Like A Casino...

...If you are inexperienced and dont know who your target customers are or what they want.

Sure you will get small wins here and there, you may even hit a jackpot once in a while, but the odds are slim to none that you will end up with a positive return on investment.

You must know you audience and how to speak to them!

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Mark Zuckerberg knows what he is doing, and if you arent careful and specific...

...Facebook will spend all of your marketing budget showing your ad to people that wont convert, he is just doing his job, he wants to fill your order as quickly as possible and if you dont know who you are trying to market to, he will just market you to everyone.


What You Don't Know About Your Customers... Can Kill Your Business!!

This is the cornerstone of your campaign!  Without knowing these CRUCIAL key points about your customers likes, dislikes, fears, pain, and curiosity, then just mail Mark Zuckerberg a check because your likely hood of getting real customer traction is almost nil.

Here at Exterminator Accelerator, we have a proven and highly effective questionnaire, designed by a world famous Neuroscientist, targeted to reach your serviceable zone.  This is the key to unlock your customers buying triggers, and the language to present them.

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An Offer Worth Breaking A Habit Over

Armed with the psychological buying triggers, and the tribal language to speak to them, and combined with a compelling offer, Your customers will respond and enroll with you to get their problems solved fast!

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Only showing your ad to the people that want to buy...

through our customer research and A/B testing we determine EXACTLY who is the most likely to take action on your offer and that is who we tell Facebook to put your ad in front of.


Eliminate The Distractions...

Websites are great for establishing a brand, or getting information out to your prospects, but when it comes to guiding your customer to making a buying decision, they are the WORST! Websites have too many choices and distractions, and they are far more likely to take your customer away from buying rather than towards.

Landing pages are clean simple and direct, they give 1 choice and they ask for 1 thing in return.  contact info.  and once you have their contact info, you can cultivate the trust relationship that encourages them to buy.

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Fast Track To Buy Now!

once you have the micro commitments from your FB ad and the landing page where they gave there info, now is the time to strike, we put up an irresistible one time offer on the thank you page designed to get them to take action right now and call you right away so you can qualify them and solve their problem.


Amateurs Boost Posts, Pros Build A List

There is actually a very low percentage of people that buy something the first time you put it in front of them, most need to be warmed up to the idea, and that is where these notifications fit in, we send texts and emails that educate and entice your audience to buy, they already bought? Well then we will upsell them on something else.

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People Buy Stories 10X As Much As Products...

People buy based on emotion, then justify with logic.  Your biggest weapon in your sales arsenal is your story!  why you started your business, what you hoped to accomplish, what obsticals did you overcome.  All this creates an epic (and high converting) story!

So we craft your story in a 5-7 day sequence and use it to educate and entice your audience to buy creating IMMENSE authority and credibility!  This will also set you apart as a real person rather than a business trying to make money!  Game changer!

I Want More Customers NOW!*I want this system, and understand its not cheap!*

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying About Us...

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"I thought I was done with marketing for good when I ran into Jerrys message, he caught me right in the middle of a battle for the Facebook page I had started almost 8 years ago to a company that took advantage of my ignorance and gained complete access of my account. Before a contract was signed, a payment was made, or even a verbal agreement was made that I would even consider his service Jerry was on the phone with Facebook representatives and employees from this company holding my account hostage. That same day we were able to start the process on gaining control of my account again. After that was done there was no question that Jerry and his team would become a huge asset to my company’s growth.
-I wasn’t prepared for the amount of “homework” I received after our first conversation pertaining to lead generation. Little did I know how important all the information is to the foundation of Jerrys lead generation system.
-After Jerry and his team processed the information, and did their research, we launched the first campaign and were completely caught off guard! The secretary walked in to a room of ringing phones which was unusual for a January when the pest control industry is the slowest of the year.
12 leads on the first day alone all interested in the package Jerry and his team were able to formulate that met the perfect balance between profit and affordability to attract those long term residual clients. All in all we received 102 leads that first month and Jerrys excellent tracking system makes it easy to track every single lead from start to close and keep track of the which didn’t close and why.
-Jerry was not only able to answer the general questions pertaining to marketing, but also gave me reassurance that our prices and services were at par or better with my region and state. In addition their was no end to the ideas and strategies they offered that my staff and I had not heard of that revamped our almost non existent presence on facebook.
-I know the only way to thrive in todays social media influenced market is to master facebook advertisings. I was burning through money and wasting time on ads that were targeting the wrong areas. Jerry and his team were the answer to my problems and completely took the weight of that problem off my shoulders which allowed me to be on the field performing services and keeping my clients happy."

Hugo Gutierrez - AAA Pest Control

Here Is Your Moment Of Truth....

Will You Keep Doing The Same Things, Getting The Same Results...

Too many Exterminators (or business owners in general) fear the unknown, they worry that social media marketers are going to rip them off..  and i get it, there is some evidence in that direction, but if you dig a little deeper, you can tell who to trust, the rip off artists only ever talk about the results, they talk about the money you will make and the leads you will get, but never about how they will get them, the devil is in the details...

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Or Will This Be Your Defining Moment...

Will you step out and invest in your business, invest in a proven, reliable system and breath new life into your business?

You cannot grow without customers, and trying to get customers while taking care of your current customers is not scalable at all.

I'm assuming that you didn't become an exterminator to have it consume your whole life, so I propose; invest in your business growth now, and buy yourself some freedom!

Take Action Before This Offer Expires

I Want More Customers NOW!I'm ready to invest in my business

You Have Nothing To Lose With My Personal Guarantee

If we don't get you a MINIMUM of 20 Pest Control signups within a month, then we will run the ENTIRE PROGRAM for you all over again the following month for FREE!  We understand that giving the keys and control of your marketing to an outside entity is difficult and scary, but rest assured the Exterminator Accelerator is a fully backed program by set sale marketing and will be honored to the fullest extent!  we are marketers, we do this for a living, we will treat your baby as if it were our own! now lets grow your business!!